10 Arguments Every Android User Has Encountered

While Amazon is planning an “Android Day” via The Verge, Android is one of the biggest platforms in the mobile industry, with the operating system working alongside some of the biggest production companies in the world. While other options are certainly limited, Android has managed to dominate the market with its many innovative and unique features and incredible capabilities.

But users who have Android have generally had similar arguments. While true techies might not relate to having all the answers, those with a passing knowledge of mobile devices will surely find familiar debates within their household.


What is Android?

Not everyone really knows what an Android is. While there are certainly those who are very aware of tech conversations, a large number of people only recognize that Android products are anything outside of the Apple banner.

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That’s a fairly general description, but that’s really where the arguments begin. Ultimately, Android is the operating system used by major phone companies like Samsung, HTC, and Sony. There are actually a few notable alternatives to Android that consumers are starting to explore more, but which variant is better is another argument in itself.

What is the best Android phone?

Ever since the market lit up with so many different options, consumers have been debating which is the best Android phone. Everyone has their own opinion, but the way the technology used has evolved over time has demonstrated the capabilities of many of these companies.

There is no wrong or right answer here, as different phones work for different needs. Of course, budget can also play a big role, but there are some great cost-effective Androids that buyers are turning to. Things like battery life are also important! The game has really changed with the advent of the smartphone, although there are those who still look back with nostalgia on the early days – another argument!

Is it good for games?

Gaming is becoming the new trend in the mobile sphere as more gamers want to be able to use their mobile device to access some of the best titles out there. There’s a lot to digest around the subject, from console games adapted for Android to quirky apps.

This is really where the next revolution will come, as mobiles move away from their traditional function, or being used to call someone, and now become a major entertainment platform. Many will say Android is great for gaming, and with streaming services like Netflix getting in on the action, there might be more surprises in store.

Are the cameras good enough?

The camera feature is always a big question for any phone buyer who wants the best quality photos with easily accessible features. When comparing Android phones to the competition, there’s a lot of debate about whether the cameras actually measure up. Of course, this all depends on the phone purchased.

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Truth be told, the fact that the phones are Android has less to do with the camera technology used than what Apple actually does with its photo capabilities. There are some fantastic cameras out there, with multiple lenses that are arguably more capable than some professional gear.

What apps should be downloaded?

When launching an Android device, there is usually a wide range of applications already downloaded. This is the first argument surrounding the topic, with many people debating which apps are worth keeping and which can be immediately uninstalled, perhaps for better variations.

When it comes to downloading new apps, it varies depending on the needs of the user. There are apps based on budgeting, security, or maybe even mindfulness that some users swear are must-haves for any Android user. Some consumers have taken a different approach, continuing to use the less is more model, thereby saving memory space and allowing the device to operate more efficiently.

Are the screens getting too big?

Android phones are basically competing with each other with screen sizes constantly increasing. Again, this isn’t entirely based on the in-game software, but compared to Apple products, the opposite seems to be happening with a wider variety of small phones available.

As Android software becomes more advanced, they may need more space to store the various hardware needed to run the device. Yet, advancement also means that eventually the size of items will decrease. Along with the desire to watch shows and movies on Android devices, there’s also the point that a bigger screen takes advantage of that.

What accessories should I buy?

There are a few accessories that will pair well with Android devices. One of the advantages of Android in general, perhaps over Apple, is that there’s more flexibility when it comes to customizing a phone and the types of things that can be paired with it. .

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In addition to this, whether it is chargers or other gadgets, there are also possibilities to fix other Android issues. Additional lenses can be purchased, for example, to improve the camera used or an exclusive mobile game controller. Whether they’re worth it continues the debate, but it’s clear that Android’s software pairs easily with these gadgets.

How secure is Android?

Android security, whether via phone or tablet, is one of the most contested areas. The problem here is that some feel that the security within the Android system is not as secure as they would like. There are, however, additional options for upgrading security features.

External apps can be purchased or searched for free, which should give Android devices additional coverage. This in itself is controversial, and many would prefer to continue using iOS as a platform or other alternatives in order to protect their data.

Is iOS better?

There have been many mentions of the Android alternative, iOS, which continues to fuel many of these debates. Well, iOS has other capabilities that Android doesn’t.

On the flip side though, the customization and intuitive nature of the design is definitely a plus in Android’s column. The argument is likely to continue between the two different users for generations to come as the mobile and tablet landscape evolves.

Should there be more updates?

Android does not update its software as much as some users would like. iOS, for example, is known for its constant changes to keep the system running at its maximum capacity, while security updates are pushed into the phone or tablet.

It’s not the same for Android, which has much less frequent updates, but it also means the hardware doesn’t become obsolete as quickly. So the argument of having too many or too few updates could go both ways for all Android buyers.

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