12 of the scariest Android games for Halloween 2022

Halloween really is a holiday for everyone. Whether you like to approach strangers for candy or stroll through graveyards hoping to spot ghosts, there’s something for everyone. But we all know that scary horror games are often the best way to spend our days while preparing for Halloween.

So if you’re terrified of little kids or just want a relaxing night in, here are the 12 best games to play as we get ever closer to Halloween in this spooky year of 2022.


One of the best platform games for Android, Limbo is the perfect way to spend your Halloween night. Its mesmerizing atmosphere is ideal for the day and compelling enough to keep you engrossed all night long. Limbo is the perfect game to play during Halloween for those who don’t like jumping. But just because there’s no jump scare doesn’t mean there isn’t fear, as the game is filled with disturbing imagery as you track down your missing sister. So if you’re a fan of puzzle platformers, Limbo is just the ticket for this Halloween season.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Why not go retro for Halloween? While it’s not particularly scary, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a vampire-themed platformer that tasks you with hunting down Dracula, so the theme is certainly appropriate. Konami’s classic game is easily a must-have, and it only takes eight or nine hours to complete, which is perfect for an extended Halloween gaming session. Plus, it supports all the best Android controllers, so you can play the title the way you remember it, with precise touch controls.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Some of us prefer to counteract the spookiness of Halloween with cheerful Disney movies. What if you could have both? Bendy and the Ink Machine is inspired by retro Disney movies, ideal for nostalgic fans. However, its cheerfulness is a facade, as these visuals only serve to amplify the horror. Play this if you want an original, casual horror game that will keep you hooked all day.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

You can’t get more Halloween than a zombie game. But while there are plenty of fantastic zombie games on Android, The Walking Dead’s narrative design takes the cake. This adventure is ideal for people tired of the usual hack-and-slash zombie games. The first season of the Telltale Games classic will keep you hooked with its gripping story, rushing cliffhangers, and branching narrative, which also means replayability. The game is split into five episodes, each of which can be purchased in-app, letting you decide how much you want to spend and when.

Alien: Isolation

Of all the sequels, prequels, and spinoffs, Alien: Isolation best captures the essence of the classic film, thanks to impressive sound design and graphics that truly look the part. Despite a predictable story, Alien: Isolation might be the best horror game on Android right now. Ideal for anyone wanting to replicate the feeling of watching Alien for the first time, Alien: Isolation’s smart AI means you’ll never have the same experience twice when dodging and dodging through a spooky space station. Trust us; there is no horror experience like sitting in a closet paralyzed with fear. Play this if you really want to scare yourself for Halloween.


As for classic games, why not return to DOOM for some nostalgic, demon-hunting, campy horror? The game might not be particularly scary, but this venerable hell-filled game is perfect for Halloween fun taking down demons. That’s not to say it’s easy, but those looking for a fun rather than scary Halloween experience can’t do much better than the first DOOM game.

Without beef

Inspired by classic 80s horror movies, Oxenfree is a perfect choice if you can’t decide between watching a Halloween movie or playing a video game. In this story-driven horror fest, your decisions change Oxenfree’s story progression, so it plays like a typical adventure game, but it’s the Goonies-like story that really livens this one up. Although it’s a Netflix Games exclusive that requires a Netflix subscription to play, it’s a fantastic horror adventure game for those who prefer storytelling over spooky jumps.

hello neighbor

Hello Neighbor cuts out traditional horror tropes while retaining the suspense that makes it a Halloween staple. Although it may seem weird at first, the game slowly takes you on a spooky and terrifying hunt against your neighbor. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčlearns from your every move, just like in Alien: Isolation, so expect to stay up all night to figure out how to get around the nifty AI to uncover the neighbor’s secrets.

Five nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s has you covered if you prefer Halloween thrills. There are plenty of sequels and spinoffs, including the clever AR game Special Delivery, but the original is a perfect entry point. While you’re probably aware of the general Five Nights Survival theme of horrifying animatronic scares, you need to experience Five Nights at Freddy’s to truly understand just how terrifying the game can be. Play with friends around for the best experience; he is a ruthless killer.

very small nightmares

The long-awaited Android port of the original Little Nightmares is easily one of the best games coming to Android this year, but Very Little Nightmares is now available as a slick spin-off title, and it’s a great game for Halloween. It’s a puzzle adventure that serves as a prequel to Little Nightmares, where the game tasks you with exploring The Nest, a vast maze filled with dangerous traps. Puzzles and enemies abound, so be on your toes as you explore this cute yet spooky world.


Psychological horror is usually the domain of movies, but Distraint captures that brand of horror perfectly. It’s short too, so perfect for your Halloween party. Distraint’s strength lies in its spectacular audio and visual design, combined with numerous puzzles. Every element of the game is designed to amp up its horror, so expect to sit down and not get up until you’ve completed this entire one. It’s so gripping!

Stranger Things: 1984

Connecting the events of Season 1 of the titular Netflix show, Stranger Things: 1984 is an action-adventure inspired by retro arcade games of years past. You’ll control characters from the series as you explore the town of Hawkins and other locations, and each character offers their own unique abilities. It’s not a particularly scary game, but those who enjoyed the series’ brand of horror will be right at home here; ideal for playing while re-watching the show.

There’s a Halloween game for everyone

From the spooky leaps of Alien: Isolation to the narrative psychological horror of Distraint, we can guarantee there’s a game for you in today’s Halloween games roundup. We’ve also got a roundup of the best zombie games if you’re looking for something more specific, but if you want to give up horror altogether, try one of the best games on Android instead.