4 tips to solve the problem

Android device not charging: 4 tips to fix the problem

android Smartphone and tablet users often face the challenge of recharging their devices when their batteries run out. Did your Android device screen go black or blank and it won’t turn on even after you put it on charge? Don’t worry, there are some Google recommended steps available to fix this issue. These steps are simple and easy and can be done by any common user.

Try restarting your device
Android devices often face the issue where the phone or tablet turns on for a second and then immediately goes black again. This issue continues to bother some users even after connecting their device to a charger. Google recommends that users try holding down the power button on their mobile device for five to seven seconds, which will help it restart. By doing this, users can overcome the “false billing” problem. However, if that doesn’t work, try the ones mentioned below.

Check if the problem is with the charging cable, the adapter or the power outlet
Google recommends users to check the device’s charging cable and charging port externally. Users can connect the cable to other devices to check if it works and should make sure the cable is properly connected to the charger and the device. Google also asks users to ensure that there are no external substances such as dust or lint deposited in the charging port of the device.
The company also asked users to ensure that no accessories such as cases, covers, or batteries cover the device’s sensors or affect the side panel buttons. Finally, users should also check if the power outlet is working properly by connecting another appliance or device.

Check if your battery is completely discharged
There are times when Android devices won’t turn on even after connecting them to a working charger. This happens when the battery of your Android device is completely drained. If you see a battery icon when your device is powered off and charging, it means the battery is not completely drained and users can restart it immediately. However, if users see a red light, it means that the battery of the device has been completely drained.

Google even says that if the red light is flashing, it means the battery doesn’t even have enough power to turn on the device. Users should charge their devices for at least 30 minutes before restarting them. Also, if you don’t see the battery icon or the red light after plugging it into a working charger, that means the problem is with the device’s screen. Meanwhile, the company also notes that battery cons and lights may vary across devices from different manufacturers.

Try to solve the screen problem
If none of these allow the Android device to start charging, users can try to troubleshoot the display manually. Users need to press the power button for about 30 seconds and wait for about 2 minutes. Then users should try ringing their device, this can be done either by calling it from another device or by using the Find My Device feature.

If the device is ringing, users can follow some advanced display troubleshooting steps from the device screen itself. However, these steps are much more complicated and may confuse common users. In these cases, professional help is well recommended.