Android 13 is coming to the US variant of the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

Samsung’s Galaxy A13 5G has received an update in the US, updating it to the latest version of Android.

Despite being the largest handset maker in the world, Samsung has managed to do a pretty good job of keeping its handsets up to date with operating system and security updates. Today, Samsung Galaxy A13 5G owners will be happy to know that a carrier-locked handset model in the US has started receiving the latest Android 13 update from Google.

The update was spotted by the folks at Sam-Mobile, which state that the update is rolling out to US Cellular Galaxy A13 5G models right now. The update is coming to handsets as firmware version A136USQU3CVK9, and also includes the November 2022 Android Security Update.

The outlet speculates that Android 13 will start rolling out to other carrier-locked models in the coming days. That means if you’re running a Galaxy A13 5G on T-Mobile or AT&T, be on the lookout because your device could get Android 13 by the weekend.

Although the update should appear on its own, you can always check if it’s available by heading to the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, just go to the Software Update tab and if it’s available, you should be able to download and install it. If it has not arrived, you will have to wait patiently or it is possible to install it manually.

Of course, before doing this, make sure to backup all your important data on the smartphone, just in case something goes wrong. Although the Galaxy A13 5G debuted a year ago, this might be its last update. Luckily, if that’s the case, you can always install a custom ROM, keeping it fresh and up-to-date for years to come.

The Galaxy A13 is a budget phone that goes back to the basics: you get a big screen, a usable main and selfie camera, and enough battery to last all day.
Galaxy A13

Source: Sam-Mobile