Android Auto’s settings menu gets a makeover [Gallery]

Android Auto has just released its long-awaited redesign for beta testers, but the in-car UI isn’t the only thing getting an overhaul. Behind the scenes of the latest Android Auto updates is a revamped settings menu filled with Material You.

The Android Auto settings menu on your phone isn’t something you need to access particularly often, but when you do, it’s been a bit of a shocking experience for quite some time. The old settings menu has much the same overall design since 2020, with an illustration of the Android Auto interface at the top and settings below.

The overall look and feel, shown above, was a stark contrast to Android as a whole.

And on top of that, it also lacks support for dark mode, a particularly glaring omission given that Android Auto itself ditched a light theme entirely in 2019.

Now, however, Google is finally doing something about it.

In Android Auto 7.5, there’s a redesigned version of the Android Auto settings menu with a dark theme and Material You. This new settings menu is not yet available to everyone, but our Dylan Roussel was able to activate it manually to offer a first glimpse. As with most modern Android apps from Google, it supports the Material You theme for accent colors and can switch between light and dark themes, as shown below. The overall look is also much cleaner and clearer than it was before.

It’s unclear when Google intends to roll out this new settings menu widely to Android Auto users, but with the “Coolwalk” redesign now in beta, it might make sense for the two to debut together.

Dylan Roussel contributed to this article.

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