Android Jones studio destroyed by fire

Android Jones, the prolific digital artist considered one of the leading pioneers of the visionary psychedelic art movement and whose work has been seen on the Empire State Building, is asking for help after his Lyon studio burned down in a fire ; the cause of the fire is unknown.

Jones is asking for $250,000 in a GoFundMe to reacquire his tools for making art. He wrote that the losses include: “All my art. All my tools. Decades of sketchbooks. A library of art books. Computers and hard drives. Sketches of art. Works of art original.”
Jones wrote on his GoFundMe campaign page, which was set up on January 20: “Two days ago I arrived at my beloved barn/studio/art temple completely engulfed in flames. Everyone is well. We don’t know how it started. we know that everything in and around the barn is gone.”

Jones added that his late father “designed and built this barn with his own hands. I grew up in this barn. Almost everything I cared about was inside. Decades of sketchbooks, all my archived originals, drawings and paintings, all my art materials, terabytes of over 20 years of digital art and all my projects.”

Donate to Jones’ GoFundMe here.