Apple accused of making Android messages hard to read

There’s a real reason why you think Apple’s blue iMessages are better than the green text bubbles you receive from Android device users, according to a report. Popularly seen as based on iPhone elitism, Apple is accused of using color contrast to make its iMessages look more favorable than its competitor’s plain text.

iMessage’s blue/white provides greater color contrast than the normal text’s green/white color scheme. The greater distinction between light and dark results in more readable text. The greater readability translates into a better experience when messaging iPhone users compared to Android users.

Interestingly, the green/white color mix scores a “very poor” score on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at 2.18, impacting the user experience for all , but especially for people with visual impairments.

Known for its outstanding products and services crafted by its vast resources and talent, it is theorized that Apple intentionally made messages from Android devices “evil”.

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