Apple claims the A13 Bionic is faster than today’s top Android chips. It’s wrong.

At the iPhone event, Apple claimed the A13 was basically on par with the best Android chips of 2022. I thought, wait. These are wild claims. I grabbed my dusty iPhone 11 hidden in the drawer, with the A13 chip, and did a speed comparison against my Samsung S22 Ultra siblings with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a late 2021 chip. I compared opening apps on both and browsing them, using the web, browsing the phone in general and it turns out the S22 Ultra is a much faster phone in all scenarios.

I’m honestly shocked that Apple could lie like this on the biggest stage of the year and get away with it. Apple Silicon is awesome and they changed the industry, but lying like that is going too far IMO. Can Apple be sued by the FTC for false and misleading advertising?