Batman’s Greatest Secret Weapons, Ranked

The Dark Knight wields a number of advanced weapons and tools, though some of Batman’s greatest weapons he keeps secret to maintain their effectiveness.

The Dark Knight has recently faced a powerful new threat known as Failsafe, which began as one of his most secret weapons. Failsafe was an android created by a Quirk of Batman in case he turned against his city. Failsafe was a secret even to Batman, though he often used his own secret weapons in battle to get him out of a pinch.

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Batman uses a number of important tools and gadgets like his batarangs and grappling hook. However, he also keeps a few weapons hidden that help him protect Gotham City. Something as simple as a colony of bats has helped him escape his enemies, and he keeps a group of close but secret allies to help him on his mission as well.

5/5 The Batsuit features hidden weapons to protect its secret identity

The Batman mask spraying gas and electrocuting gang criminals split image

Batman is well known for his utility belt, which contains most of his amazing weapons and gadgets. However, his suit also contains other secret weapons that help Batman keep his identity a secret if criminals catch him in a fight.

Bruce Wayne outfitted his Batsuit with a few different devices that could help conceal his identity. If anyone tried to remove their mask, stun gases or flames would shoot out from hidden nozzles. The suit also featured a built-in taser that could electrocute anyone who touched Batman to prevent anyone from removing his costume.

4/5 He frequently used bats to distract and confuse his enemies

Batman using a device in his boots to summon bats split image

The Dark Knight has overcome insurmountable odds time and time again due to his ability to prepare for any possible outcome with a contingency plan. Batman always has a trick up his sleeve, but one of his first is still one of his best. In Batman: Year OneGotham City Police have trapped the untested vigilante in an abandoned building.

While it wasn’t Batman’s smartest decision he’s ever made, he had a backup plan that helped him escape the trap. He used a device hidden in his boot to summon an entire colony of bats from the Batcave for help. The Bats swarmed the police and covered up Batman’s escape while dramatically announcing his presence in Gotham City.

3/5 Batman’s Matches Malone Identity Lets Him Go Undercover

Batman disguised as Matches Malone

Bruce Wayne developed a number of useful skills in the years leading up to his life as Batman, including the ability to disguise himself and blend in with crowds. Batman was the only witness to the death of a criminal named Matches Malone, which gave him an idea.

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Batman decided to keep Matches Malone alive and disguised himself as a deceased criminal. He has used the identity of Matches Malone many times over the years to hide and gain inside information to use as Batman. Matches Malone is one of Batman’s most effective secret weapons that he continues to use to get closer than ever to his enemies.

2/5 Batman has a secret kryptonite ring if he has to fight Superman

Batman hits Superman with his Kryptonite ring

One of Batman’s closest friends in the comics is Superman. Fans collectively know the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel as the “best in the world”. Superman developed a close trust with Batman that made them incredibly effective allies.

However, Superman also trusted Batman with a powerful weapon just in case. He gave Batman a secret Kryptonite ring to use against him if he went rogue. Batman has used the Ring on more than one occasion against Superman, though it remains a closely guarded secret within the Batman Family.

1/5 Alfred Pennyworth and Oracle are some of his hidden allies

Alfred and Oracle of the Batman Family Split Image

Not all of Batman’s secret weapons are high-tech gadgets or specially created tools. The Dark Knight’s greatest hidden assets are the people running things behind the scenes. Batman has a few “guys in the chair” helping him out in the field.

Batman’s most secret and trusted ally is his butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. He has aided Batman in his mission from the start and has dutifully used the batcomputer when needed. Batman is also assisted by former Batgirl Barbara Gordon, now the Oracle information broker. Batman could still do his job without them, but it would be a lot harder.

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