Best New Android Games This Week

No, we haven’t forgotten! It’s Wednesday, which means these are the best new Android games of the week! Oh yes, another list loaded with new mobile games to chew on. You are not lucky!

As always, be sure to grill us in the comments if we missed anything. We’re always on the lookout for new and intriguing titles to play, just like you! Anyway, let’s go!

Best New Android Games: Spiritfarer Mobile

A cozy and existential narrative adventure, Spiritfarer Mobile is another great release from Netflix Gaming. A brand new mobile port from the movie streaming company, it’s undeniably one of the best Android games currently available.

In Spiritfarer Mobile, you play as the Ferryman, escorting souls to the afterlife. But why is it one of the best new Android games this week? Well, because it’s so wonderfully presented and written.

In the game you will learn a lot about your lost souls, finding out what they were in life. As someone with enormous existential fear, it’s a surprisingly comfortable game to play.

Between conversations with companions, you’ll also need to build your ship, making it bigger and better to handle dangerous waters. It’s such a beautiful game.

Moreover, this new port has been developed by mobile powerhouse Playdigious. This means that not only does the game look and play well, but it also has great additional options. That’s right, external controller support is here!

If you want to try out one of this week’s best new Android games, check it out here.

Koryfi: Royal High School

An intriguing premium Android release that has flown under the radar, Koryfi: High School Royale is now available on mobile. Created by indie developer NotJustGames, this new video game brings the deadly battle royale genre to text-based visual novels.

In this fictional elite high school, low grades are not an option. Every semester, the person with the lowest grade point average in the class gets expelled, but you don’t just want to be a bookworm, you need friends too.

As you play, you’ll unlock a cast of six different students to play with. Each student has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, which you can use to pass the course, befriend others, and eliminate your competitors.

At just £3.29, this is a cute and fun storytelling game that we suggest you check out. Is this for you? If yes, check it here.

Momentum: Turn-Based Roguelite

An indie game developed in just two weeks, Momentum: Turn Based Roguelite where you use a gun game in combat. Although you can only attack in turn-based battles, you will have to defend yourself in real time.

Each turn, you will choose an attack from your weapon selection. Then, during the attacks of your opponents, you will have to defend or parry to survive. Can you defend with perfect timing?

Momentum evolves as you play it. Not only does this give you access to new weapons and relics to use in the next run, but also much more. Each time you complete the game, you unlock a new difficulty level, making the game harder and more complex over time.

If you want to give it a whirl, Momentum is a free game on Android. We suggest you try the game here if you’re waiting.

Between the Lines: Prologue

Another game developed over two weeks, Between the Lines was originally designed for the “$106 Adventure Game Challenge” game jam. In the game, you play as a question mark trapped in the middle of a conflict between letters and numbers.

Although not a full game, the current version of Between the Lines is a playable demo of what’s to come. If classic Lucasfilm games are your jam, we suggest you give it a try here.

These are all the best Android games of this week

Well, you have it! These are the best new Android games this week, at least the ones we found! It’s a pretty weak week for big releases, but some smaller titles are definitely worth the effort.

Don’t forget to let us know which games we missed in the comments below. We are always on the lookout for new games!