Call screen on Pixel 7 Pro saves me from daily insults

Google Pixel Call Screen Insult

C. Scott Brown/Android Authority

Monday of this week, I received a call from a private number. Since I have a Google Pixel 7 Pro, I use the Call Screen feature. This very useful tool lets Google Assistant answer your call to help you weed out telemarketers, those annoying “extended car warranty” calls, and whatever else you don’t want to deal with.

Monday’s call was very brief. The assistant responded with his usual spiel, and the caller delivered his message: “You smell like poo.”

It happened Monday at 6:50 a.m. I thought it was someone who was stupid and laughed it off. However, the person called back to do it again on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. Now it’s Friday, and I got the fifth call in as many days with the exact same message: “You smell like poo.”

Obviously, it’s both ridiculous and hilarious. However, I’m really grateful that the call screen is there to save me from having to deal with it.

Thanks, call screen, but WTF?

First of all, I have no idea who this person is. The call info just says “Private number”, so I can’t deduce any information from that. I don’t immediately recognize the voice, but it sounds like it could be a woman or maybe a young boy. Since all they say is “you smell the poop” and they hang up, I don’t have enough audio to be sure.

Also, this is not an automated call. The cadence of the voice recording I hear after the call ends is different each time. This means that this person takes time out of their morning every day to call me and leave this message.

Finally, for information, I did not invent anything. It’s not a friend of mine calling for some silly little prank. I legitimately have no idea who it is or why they decided to spend their mornings calling me to discuss my smell 💩.

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Thanks to Call Screen, however, I don’t have to worry about it, no matter what’s actually going on. If I didn’t have the Pixel 7 Pro, this number would be ringing every day. Since it is a private number, most phones let the call go through every time because there is no way to block it because there is no number to block. Anyway, thanks Google for making the call screen. You save my mornings.

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