Can you use Face Unlock without Fingerprint Unlock on Pixel 7?

Can you use Face Unlock without Fingerprint Unlock on Pixel 7?

Best answer: Yes, but only to unlock the phone. Face Unlock is considered an insecure form of biometric authentication on the Pixel 7 and therefore cannot be used for mobile payments.

What can you do with Face Unlock on the Pixel 7?

Face unlock is a nifty feature that Google has been experimenting with since the Galaxy Nexus launched in 2011, but few Google phones have taken face unlock “seriously” during that time. The Pixel 7 (opens in a new tab) is the first Pixel phone since the Pixel 4 to feature facial unlocking (opens in a new tab)but it looks much more like a Galaxy Nexus than a Pixel 4.

That’s because the Pixel 7 doesn’t have any special hardware to make sure the face is visible. really your face. That’s compared to the Pixel 4, which had a host of sensors on the front to detect the shape and other attributes of your face. Instead, the Pixel 7 just relies on a single front camera to get the job done.

Google says its machine learning techniques do a better job than other single-camera face unlock methods, but even that said face unlock on the Pixel 7 isn’t secure enough to be used for things. such as mobile payments. It’s because if someone really wants to trick the camera, they certainly can.

Unlocking by facial recognition on Google Pixel 7

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick/Android Central)

So what good is face unlock if it’s not actually a secure method of biometrically locking your phone? As Google said in an official statement, “convenience”.