Check out the all new Android Auto features and updates

Android Auto, which allows you to connect to car dashboards, has released its new update with much more interesting features. It aims to make it more user-friendly when using the vehicle, resulting in design changes and function improvements.

The update mainly focuses on navigation, keeping in touch with loved ones and listening to music. With its new design, it kept the map closer to the driver to quickly see where you are heading. Favorite album cover is also included in the new media card along with a quick launcher to access recently used apps. Plus, since Android Auto works with all major car manufacturers, the split-screen design can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of screen sizes.

Google Assistant now includes reminders for missed calls, quick arrival time sharing, and immediate access to music. On-screen shortcuts for emergency calls to loved ones and replying to messages are included and soon it will support WhatsApp calls.

You can even share access to your car with trusted friends and family by sharing your digital car key between Pixel and iPhone. Along with that, you will soon be able to play YouTube on it while charging your electric vehicle or while waiting.