Chrome tab count now includes tab group pages on Android

Google rolled out Tab Groups to Chrome for Android last year and is now changing the behavior of the number of open tabs to be more accurate.

Previously, tab groups and anything open within them only counted as one tab in the eyes of the indicator to the right of the Omnibox.

With Chrome 106, all open tabs count towards the total, with the tab group shell being ignored. As a result, you could very quickly reach the maximum number of 99 in the switch tab button. This is the most accurate approach in the long run, but the numbers are sure to skyrocket for people.

We’re seeing this change widely rolling out today with Chrome 106 entering the stable channel for the past few days. However, this change started earlier for some users.

Meanwhile, version 106 might coincide with a wider rollout of the ability to lock your Incognito tabs with your fingerprint, while we’ve also seen Journeys start to appear with beta 106. This is the method automatic organization based on Google topics for sites and searches.

It just exists as a new tab in the History page and isn’t really noticeable. You can also disable it entirely from the overflow menu.

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