Come on Samsung, release stable Android 13 update already!

Samsung has made huge strides in the software update game over the past few years. The release of new Android upgrades faster and faster over the years, more and more Galaxy devices participating in beta testing programs for new Android operating system upgrades, and the promise of four years of operating system upgrades for certain devices are just a few examples of how Samsung is leaving other manufacturers in the dust when it comes to software updates.

But there’s one thing Samsung still hasn’t mastered: releasing new versions of Android for its devices before other manufacturers (except Google, of course, for obvious reasons). For example, OnePlus just beat Samsung in the race to release the stable version of Android 13.

Now, as we’ve pointed out before, Samsung needs more prep time for each new major Android OS update. Galaxy devices are selling out in droves, forcing Samsung to be really, really sure there aren’t any device-breaking bugs before it starts rolling out a big new update to millions of customers. .

Then there’s the fact that Samsung’s custom skin – called One UI since Android Pie – that it applies to stock Android adds additional delays. There’s also more red tape at big organizations like Samsung that hold things up in general compared to smaller companies like OnePlus.

Also, while Samsung may take its time with the first public release of a new version of Android, it manages to quickly bring the same update to many more devices in the following days. Companies like OnePlus, meanwhile, tend to focus only on their latest flagship and take a lot longer to bring older devices into the mix.

Still, when combined with the way Samsung is launching its flagship phones in the second half of the year with a year-old version of Android, it’s a little disappointing that the process isn’t a little faster. We had heard that the Korean giant was moving a bit faster with Android 13 compared to previous major Android updates, but that doesn’t seem to be quite the case.

To that, I – and many others here at SamMobile – just say: come on, Samsung, release the stable version of Android 13 to at least one device/series of devices already! And generally, get those important OS upgrades faster in stable form once Google releases them for Pixel devices. Yes, it could mean more bugs slipping through the cracks, but it’s an issue that should be easily fixed given all the resources Samsung has at its disposal.