Daily Authority: 🔓 Samsung’s terrible password trend

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🍟 Hello! Welcome to Tuesday’s Daily Authority. I’m gearing up for Black Friday and packing my wish list, even though the only item on it right now is an air fryer. Fingers crossed for the perfect deal!

Bad move, Samsung owners

password dog

We all know how important a strong password is to prevent unauthorized access to our accounts, right? It looks like some Samsung owners didn’t get the memo, as a new study has found that an increasing number of Samsung owners are using the same terrible password.

  • According Sam-Mobilethe study, by password management solutions company NordPass, found that “samsung” (with a lowercase S) was one of the most commonly used passwords in at least 30 countries.
  • It might sound unbelievable, but when you consider that “password” is still the most commonly used password, followed closely by “12345”, it suddenly seems more likely.
  • Apparently, this worrying trend is growing.
  • Sam-Mobile reports that “samsung” was the 198th most used password in 2019.
  • In 2020, he had reached the 189th place.
  • The Terrible Password continued its epic rise to reach No. 78 in the rankings by 2021.

Don’t be obvious

We can’t stress this enough: Please don’t use your phone’s brand name as a password; don’t. Whether you use a lowercase or uppercase S also doesn’t affect the security of this password.

  • It can be difficult to come up with a hard-to-crack password for all your accounts, but it’s well worth the time spent protecting your personal data.
  • If you’re the forgetful type, like many of us here at Android Authorityyou can always use a password manager like LastPass to manage all your passwords.
  • Of course, we may soon be entering a completely passwordless future with more secure alternatives like Passkeys – developers on Android and Chrome can already try them out.
  • While you’re here, why not check out our 33 tips to stay safe online and reduce the risk of being hacked?

tuesday thing

Adam rides an e-bike down a driveway

Adam Birney / Android Authority

November 22 isn’t just another gray day in November, it’s Go for a Ride Day. The day celebrates exploring your surroundings by whatever method you choose, whether by car, bike, train, bus or on foot.

  • Why November 22? It is the day when the transportation industry has seen many developments.
  • On November 22, 1904, Mathias Pfatischer of Philadelphia was granted the first U.S. patent for the current variable-speed interpolar electric motor.
  • On the same day in 1927, American inventor, Carl J. Eliason of Saynor, Wisconsin, acquired the patent for the snowmobile. It took two winters to create, and you can see his original, handcrafted invention at the Vilas County Historical Society Museum in Wisconsin.
  • Regular Concorde service to New York from London and Paris began on November 22, 1977.

You can celebrate today by getting on your e-bike or scooter, charging your e-vehicle and going on a road trip, going for a run or hopping on a train or bus – don’t forget to pack your noise canceling headphones, though.

Paula Beaton, editor.