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Check out the Dynamic Island feature using dynamicSpot.

Apple has added a touch of software magic that allows “Dynamic Island” to be a home for interactive notifications, even though the new design takes up virtually the same space as the notch on classic iPhone 14 models. Unsurprisingly, Android had its fair share of Dynamic Island clones in less than a week, and now we’re taking a closer look at one of the best.

You can get the Android version of Dynamic Island using dynamicSpot.

It’s fair to say that iPhones are a few years behind Android, but sometimes an iPhone emerges with a shiny and assertive new feature. Just a few days after the unveiling of the iPhone 14 Pro and its Dynamic Island, a few MIUI themes have started to imitate it. But thanks to Jawomo, a developer well known for its handy apps, we now have a fully functional Android version of Dynamic Island from the iPhone.

Any Android handset can download the app to maximize the capabilities of its punch-hole selfie camera. Although DynamicSpot needs a few permissions to work, the in-app instructions made obtaining them quite simple.

Get dynamicSpot now (free; in-app purchases available)

Android devices with cameras in the middle of a punch-hole cutout or teardrop notch work best with the DynamicSpot app.
The app can actually be very useful and not just a gimmick once it is set up correctly.

  1. Download and launch the DynamicSpot app on your Android.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and grant all the permissions the app needs.
  3. Under “Select apps” you can choose to have any app installed on your phone to send notifications through the DynamicSpot. This will bypass the regular app notifications system and instead appear as an interactive notification around your phone’s notch.
  4. As for “access to notifications and permission to draw on screen”, just hit the toggles when prompted.
  5. Hit “Done” and you’re ready!

Now you can enjoy the Dynamic Island feature on your Android.