Dragon Ball Super needs a villain’s help to solve its new Android mystery

With the latest arc centering on a mystery related to androids, Goten and Trunks will need all the help they can get, even from a former villain.

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89Despite Dragon Ball SuperWith the new arc all about the mysteries surrounding the new androids that keep appearing, Goten and Trunks aren’t exactly the detective type. That’s why they can use all the help they can get, even if it comes from former villain turned love interest Mai.

It’s safe to say that Goten and Trunks aren’t the most observant kids on the planet. Goten is just as oblivious as his father always was, while Trunks is so in love with Mai that he misses things that even he would usually notice. May herself is still in a bit of a weird place, though. She is currently around Trunks’ age, but she was a grown woman at one point before being aged by the dragon balls and then aged again until she is now. Aside from what this means for any potential relationship, it gives Mai a little edge, as she’s already been a teenager once and isn’t that easily distracted.


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Mai can help Trunks and Goten solve Dragon Ball Super New Mystery

Dragon Ball Super: Mai quickly discovers the Android beta.

Mai is enrolled at Trunks’ school and introduced as a new student. However, she’s not the only new student, with the second introducing herself as “Baytah”, which immediately catches Mai’s attention. She quickly recognizes his superior physical abilities and, shortly after, spots a sewn piece of flesh that is a telltale sign of these organic-based androids. Mai even acknowledges that he’s a different type of android than the 18-year-old, perhaps remembering his days in the Red Ribbon Army from the start. dragonball. Of course, “Baytah” shows up as Android Beta before the end of the day, challenging Goten to a battle that Beta quickly loses.

Why Trunks and Goten need Mai Dragon Ball Super

Trunks and Goten in Dragon Ball Super.

Goten is the muscle, while Trunks can function as the face, but neither of them really serve as the brains of the operation. Working with Mai would provide both boys with someone with a lot more experience and a more analytical mind. Considering all the work Mai has done for Bulma over the past few years, it’s highly likely she’s become familiar with how robots and androids work. So she even has the specialized knowledge she might need to defeat an android tougher than Beta. With Mai at school now, it seems to confirm that she will have a bigger role to play in this arc than just being the object of Trunks’ affections. As a trio, the children may have a better chance of solving this mystery than working alone.

Dragon Ball SuperThe android mystery is still in its early stages, and there’s not much they can do without stepping on the film’s toes. Hopefully Mai can help sort this out quickly and move the plot forward.

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