Dragon Ball Super sets up a massive Android mystery

The final arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga ties into the Super Hero movie and therefore sets up a new mystery around Dr. Gero’s androids.

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88The new arc of Dragon Ball Super stands apart from anything that has come before it in Super, and one of the most interesting ways is the apparent android-related mystery that begins.

The new storyline follows Goten and Trunks, rather than Goku and Vegeta, as they have fun as superheroes while going to school and calling themselves Saiyaman X-1 and X-2, just like Gohan l did before. As such, the stakes are generally much lower and the story takes more of a slice-of-life approach while slowly building up a mystery. The chapter seems to take place before the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes movie, so fans who have seen the movie will have an idea of ​​how it should play out. Still, Goten and Trunks were out of focus for much of the film, so this should provide a fresh perspective that will hopefully enrich the cinematic experience on rewatch.


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In the chapter, the pair end up looking into the mysterious disruption of Capsule Corp.’s helper robots, which is happening in the city. They catch a Frankenstein-esque man using a remote control to disrupt the assistant robot’s signals and follow him to an abandoned mansion on a hill overlooking the city. There they discover many more of these beings as well as many helper robots, which have been repurposed to package and sell food. Goten and Trunks defeat everyone, including some of the helper robots, and find a safe in the mansion containing a disk. The disk is labeled “Dr. Gero’s Confidential Disk”, and Trunks takes it with them, though he doesn’t recognize the name. A character from the movie, Dr. Hedo, is revealed to be behind the hijacking of the robots, as he returns to the mansion to find everything destroyed and the missing disc.

What’s on Dr. Gero’s disk?


Dr. Gero was the original creator of androids, including 17 and 18, and even turned into an android, so any information on the disc certainly has the potential to be very dangerous. It’s ironic that Trunks doesn’t recognize this, given that Future Trunks would certainly destroy the disc without hesitation. Since Dr. Hedo created the Gamma Androids from the Super hero movie, it’s possible that the information on this disc was intended to help develop them, especially since it refers to Frankenstein’s Creatures as the “Alpha Series”, suggesting that it is an earlier attempt. This creates an amusing parallel to one of the first androids seen in the series, Android 8, aka “Eighter”, which was also an early creation of Gero and similarly resembled Frankenstein’s monster.

The contents of Dr. Gero’s record, whatever it is, is sure to play a huge part in this new Dragon Ball Super bow. The only question is, will Trunks and Goten be able to discover its importance over time?

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