Exposure to Android code Google Pixel tablet and foldable phone

According to 9to5google, Android code recently revealed some details about its future devices. These devices include the Google Piel tablet as well as its upcoming foldable smartphone. The report reveals that these devices will come with a side fingerprint sensor. 9to5google discovered Android code specifically to test the side fingerprint sensor UI. One of the configurations is ” Y_ALIGNED “. This means that the fingerprint sensor is on the left or right of the Pixel tablet. Also, two other configurations,UNFOLDED” and “FOLDEDrefers to the foldable Pixel smartphone.

Google Pixel tablet

Moreover, the code also reveals the resolution of the Pixel foldable smartphone. The resolution is 2208 x 1840 for the inside screen and 1080 x 2100 for the outside screen. Another configuration “X_ALIGNED” means the side fingerprint sensor is up or down. The resolution of the tablet is 2560 x 1600, and it should be for the Pixel tablet.

Google Pixel tablet

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This resolution information is consistent with previous reports. There are reports that the folding screen size of the Google Pixel smartphone is 123mm × 148mm. The maximum brightness will reach 1200 nits and the average brightness is 800 nits. Additionally, this device can support a 120Hz high refresh rate display.

Google Pixel tablet

Google reveals more details about the Pixel tablet

At At the I/O conference a few months ago, Google revealed that it was going to launch a new generation of Pixel tablets. This tablet will ship with its self-developed Tensor chips in 2023. Google claims that the tablet can not only “fit into the home environment” but also “bring a good feeling”. This device comes with a layer of nano-ceramic coating on the recycled aluminum material. Thus, it has a different texture and frame around the screen. There is some width, but the specs of the panels themselves remain a secret.


This tablet will be delivered with a magnetic base, which turns it into a smart display. Here’s what Google has to say about the Pixel tablet

“The Pixel tablet is paired with a magnetic docking station to keep your device fully charged 24/7, giving the tablet the best features of a smart display. The Pixel tablet is designed to go seamlessly from a home display to an entertainment device you can take anywhere, making it one of the most versatile tablets that can easily integrate with your tablet.