Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on some AMD systems

Hot on the heels of Firefox 106 Stable comes the first point-in-time browser update. Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on systems with certain AMD processors.

Firefox 106.0.1

Mozilla released Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR just two days ago on October 18, 2022. Firefox 106 included the browser’s new Firefox View feature, which improves cross-device use of the browser by highlighting tabs recent ones opened in other instances of Firefox.

Other improvements include basic PDF editing capabilities, limiting drawing on PDF documents and using text writing options, useful for filling out forms.

Firefox 106.0.1

Firefox 106.0.1 Stable will be released later today, if you’re reading this on October 20, 2022. The new version of the browser addresses a crashing issue on AMD Zen 1 devices. not specified, but Windows 10 is one of them.

Mozilla fixed the crashing issue in record time. It was reported on Mozilla’s bug tracking site yesterday (20 hours ago at the time of writing) and fixed nine hours later. Mozilla states that Firefox 102.x ESR is not affected by the issue and that Firefox 106 is the only affected version of the Firefox browser.

The bug report includes a technical analysis of the problem and references to other related bugs.

Firefox 106 installations should receive the update automatically once it is released. Firefox users can also download the update from the Mozilla website to install it manually.

The crash bug should not affect Firefox web browser startup or auto-update behavior.

Firefox users can check the installed version of the web browser by selecting Menu > Help > About Firefox from its main interface. Firefox displays the installed version and runs an update check. Any update found by the browser during the check is downloaded and installed automatically.

Now you: when was the last time you experienced a crash in a browser you use?


Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on some AMD systems

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Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on some AMD systems

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Mozilla Firefox 106.0.1 resolves a web browser crash on some AMD systems.


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