Gmail for Android gets a more persistent bottom bar in emails

In September, Gmail for Android removed text labels from its main navigation element, and that change now makes sense because Google is making the bottom bar more persistent.

Previously, the bottom bar in Gmail disappeared when scrolling through your inbox and when opening an email. Users had the option to uncheck “Hide bottom navigation when scrolling” in Settings > General, but the default behavior hid the bar.

Now opening an email keeps the bottom bar until you scroll down and it’s immediately available on the way up. If you disable “Hide bottom navigation on scroll” it will still be visible in inbox, email, chats and other tabs.

In light of this change, removing text labels for each tab makes more sense as Google wants to remove visual clutter and only have icons as a persistent element.

As such, users can now have a persistent, badged indicator of unread emails, chat (1:1 or group), and spaces anywhere in the app. This fits with Google’s hope of making Gmail an app with three main features.

On Android, this change is not widely rolled out and only exists on one of our devices with version 2022.10.02. However, this behavior seems to be implemented on iOS already.

L : Bottom bar in emails | A: Current behavior

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