Google adds Material You widgets to YouTube’s Android app

Google recently updated the YouTube app on Android and added Material You widgets, letting you add a splash of color to your home screen. The widget itself is also new. As YouTube widgets were not available before this app update.

If you browse YouTube often, you might want to quickly access videos from the app. This feature, as 9To5Google pointed out, was added to iOS last month. So Google is just following suit with the same availability for Android users.

There are two possible widget choices and each has its own merits. The first is a simple search bar that you can place on the home screen. Tapping it will take you directly to the search function in the app and bring up the keyboard so you can immediately start typing your search query. There’s also a mic button you can press if you want to do a voice search.

The second widget still includes the search bar, but also touches on quick access buttons for different sections of YouTube. There’s a dedicated button for Home, Shorts, Subscriptions, and Library. And just like with the search bar, tapping one of them takes you directly to that location. For example, pressing the shorts button directly opens a YouTube short.

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YouTube Material You widgets for everyone

This is a pretty minor update but definitely a nifty one if you use YouTube a lot. And since they use the Material You design, they’ll go great with any color scheme on your home screen. And of course, change dynamically when you swap your wallpaper. These should appear for anyone who has the latest version of the YouTube app on their device. As long as they also have a device running Android 12.

You will need YouTube to be updated to version 17.43.36. This update should also include the ambient mode feature on videos. Which adds an ambient aura of very subtle colors to the edge of the video to make the viewing experience more immersive. This feature was also recently rolled out to the web.