google: Android tablets are getting the new “Material You Widget” from Google Drive. Check the details here

Android tablets are back in demand and Google is sparing no effort to make the most of them. Last week, the tech giant announced it was optimizing and updating widgets for tablets, and now Google has rolled out a new Google Drive design for Material You.

Google announced Material You at its annual I/O event last year. The new design system aims to integrate and adapt to users’ needs and preferences based on how they interact with their devices. In keeping with the Material You philosophy, Google Drive’s new circular design brings quick-launch shortcuts for new Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more.

The default Google Drive shortcut view is a 3×2 rectangular layout. However, stretching the widget across the screen makes it circular, giving the shortcut a new appeal. The new design is an addition to the existing X design in the system.

Google will remove inactive Gmail, Drive and Photos for personal accounts from 2021

New policies in place

According to an IANS report, Google is introducing new policies for consumer accounts, starting June 1 next year, and if you’ve been inactive in Gmail, Drive, or Photos for two years, the company may remove the content of the product in which you are inactive.

The new design and other nifty features will be rolled into version 2.22.357.1 of Google Drive for tablets. Unfortunately, the new design will not come to Android smartphones. Recently, Google also rolled out the updated Keep widget for tablets, although the dual pane hasn’t made it to all devices yet.

According to reports, Google is set to make some much-needed updates to its suite of business tools. These updates include multi-instance support for office tools, which will allow users to open two windows of Docs, Slides, and Sheets side-by-side and use both with full functionality.

With the rise of remote work and OTT for entertainment, especially post-pandemic, the tablet market has seen a surge. While the high-end segment is dominated by iPads and Surface Pros, the tablet market is largely owned by Android. Adding new features and making the UI/UX intuitive and user-friendly is essential for Google to catch up with its main competitor, Apple.


• What is the new version of Google Drive?

The new updates will arrive with Google Drive version 2.22.357.1.

• What are you material?

Launched last year, Material You is a new design system that Google has adopted to improve UI/UX across platforms by integrating and adapting to user needs and preferences.

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