Google investigates why Android Auto broke on some Pixel phones after Android 13 update

Google investigating and apparently working on an issue that seems to have broken the ability of some Pixel 5 smartphones to run Android-Auto. It is reported that the issue occurred after a few Pixel 5 owners upgraded their OS to Android 13. Some users also claim that workarounds like resetting the car to factory settings worked for them.
While the problem was first reported in September, reports indicating the issue started pouring in earlier this week when a number of users raised the issue on a Google support page. The company acknowledged and said, “Thank you for reporting this issue. We have escalated your issue to the rest of the team and will keep you updated on any information available.

A number of Google Pixel 5 owners have complained that their android Auto was working fine when they installed Android 12. But after upgrading to Android 13, Android Auto stopped working. Some users claim to have tried workarounds such as changing cables, clearing cache, and some even performed a factory reset on their vehicles’ infotainment systems, but the problem remained. It worked for a handful of them “after several minutes”.
Some users have reported that they were able to fix the problem by going to Developer Settings on their phone and switching the “Default USB Configuration” to favor “File Transfer/Android Auto”. A stable patch has not yet been released.
New Android Auto UI
Last week, Google rolled out Android Auto 8.2 for beta testers. The update brought a redesign, known internally as “Coolwalk”. The company already showed off the new user interface at I/O 2022 and it will essentially put all the important features that drivers prioritize in their cars – navigation, media and communication – on a single screen. The new look, which was due to roll out later this summer, will display maps, a media player and communication apps on the same page.