Google is developing a new tool for Android; Modernity will allow archiving of underutilized applications


The Google team said the tool should have the ability to archive an app to the Google Play Store instead of deleting it.

a The Google He is developing a new tool that promises to appeal to many users. The new version, which still does not have an official release date, aims to allow the archiving of rarely used applications in android.

Crew The Google He indicated that the tool should have the ability to archive a request for Google Play Store Instead of deleting it, thus reducing the memory consumption of the application, but without deleting previously defined parameters, such as login and password.

In case the user wishes to reactivate the application later, he will also have this option, where the permissions granted and the preferences assigned to the platform are also saved. This function is interesting for platforms used occasionally or little, but the user does not want to remove it completely.

The change adds a new layout to the app’s system, which preserves a person’s data and allows other parts of the app to be uninstalled. according The GoogleYou can reduce application storage by around 60% by using archiving.