Google is expanding an exciting Android feature

Google is equipping the popular Android Nearby Share feature with new features. In doing so, they correct some restrictions whereby the functionality, which was introduced in August 2020, was previously very limited, and thus partly adapt to Apple’s counterpart, AirDrop.

Nearby sharing with new features

Nearby Sharing thus finally makes it possible to wirelessly transfer files, links or even installed applications to other Android devices when they are nearby. For example, from an Android smartphone to a Chromebook or tablet.

It works with individual files, images or videos, and even entire folders. All you have to do is connect the devices to your Google account and connect them. Then a new item is supposed to appear in the “Share” menu, with which the sharing process is carried out.

And that’s even when the screen of the receiving device is off. The new update should make its way to Nearby Sharing in the coming weeks, as revealed by Google.

New options in the future

Sharing will thus become even easier, bringing it in line with Apple’s AirDrop solution – a feature that Android users have been waiting for a long time and which offers added convenience.

Additionally, Google offers the ability to bring Nearby Sharing to devices. “that you use most often and with whom you want to share files” – including Windows PCs and laptops. It’s a feature that was announced at CES 2022.

However, Google has yet to reveal a date when sharing from Android to Windows will be possible. We are only talking about “over time”.

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Nearby Sharing works even when the Android smartphone from which the files need to be transferred has no internet connection. Various technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, UWB, and WebRTC are used here to automatically determine the most efficient means of sharing.