Google is preparing Android tweaks for the Pixel tablet

Previewed, albeit briefly, at Google’s I/O event last year, 2023 will see the launch of the Pixel tablet. And the latest changes to Android show that Google continues to optimize its apps for larger screen devices.

Many of these changes build on those seen in Android 12L, and other devices have already seen benefits. The growing range of foldable devices has benefited from code tweaks to move away from a pure “large-scale smartphone apps” approach towards device-beneficial solutions.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo, with two screens and a noticeable gap between the screens, finally had a useful Gmail client, with the inbox and message preview now comfortably placed one on each screen, rather than trying and d fail to space the black bar in the middle.

When the Pixel tablet arrives, all of these changes and more will be waiting for it. The latest allows Google Discover to work with three columns of articles, versus the current two, which should make it easier to read in portrait mode. Abner Li reports:

“Instead of just two columns of articles, Google Discover now has a third that takes the feed from edge to edge. The full-screen effect is especially noticeable on the left of your home screen with a black background, while the Google logo and your profile avatar are moved to the top corners.”

Existing tablets are now picking up this software change through regular update channels. Google has long supported Android running on tablets, but it’s always been a bit short compared to Apple’s iPad lineup. 2023 should change that.

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