Google may soon improve Android’s built-in screen recorder

The screen recorder that comes with Android may soon get new features to make it more versatile than before. At least that’s what The recent discovery of Mishaal Rahman points to, as it seems Google may soon introduce “partial screen sharing” for Android 13.

This new feature would allow users to isolate their screen recording to a specific app rather than the entire screen. Partial screen sharing has yet to roll out, but Rahman was able to enable it and share screenshots of how it might work. Take a look yourself:

As you can see in these images, the user would have the option to switch between two modes – sharing the whole display or a specific application – selectable via a drop-down menu. If the single app sharing option is chosen, the UI then takes you to a context menu where you can select from recently opened apps.

Selecting one of the tiles then takes users to the corresponding app and begins screen recording. As another of the screenshots shows, it is visible that the users could also choose whether they want to record audio and display each keystroke on the screen during the process.

Mishaal Rahman also points to the two options of sharing or saving, linking it to an earlier announcement from Google in August 2022, where the company announced a feature that would let you stream messaging apps to Chromebooks. This is just a guess for now, so we can’t be sure what the “share” means here.

Luckily, we might not have to wait too long to find out, as the likelihood of this feature rolling out with the March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop is somewhat high, considering it looks basically finished at this point. . That being said, it might look different once it’s officially released.