Google Messages looks set to give RCS conversations a sweet upgrade

What do you want to know

  • A new direct reply feature has been spotted in Google Messages.
  • Users can hold or swipe a message to reply to an individual message. Tapping on the preview would send users to the original text.
  • The feature does not appear to be widely available, although some users have already received it on their devices.

Google Messages is a great app for Android users, especially thanks to RCS, which adds some cool features when texting between Android users. However, the app is not perfect and we would like to see several features in Google Message. Fortunately, Google isn’t done improving the app, and it looks like a handy feature is on the way that could help make conversations a little smoother.

During a teardown of the APK by 9to5Google, it was discovered that Google was apparently working on adding the ability to reply directly to individual messages. This would work like in other messaging apps, where a long press on a message received from another RCS user would present a new icon with the option to directly reply to that message. The option can also be triggered by swiping sideways with the undo option.