Google Messages may soon let you create your own profile

Plus some control options to choose who can see it

Google Messages has been getting an update over the past few weeks, with most of the changes centering around the paint job and privacy. The messaging app has been spotted with a slightly redesigned account switcher in line with the Material You theme. More recently, the service added end-to-end encryption for groups of up to 100 people, up from the previous limit of 21 members. Google also appears to be working on a new Messages feature that will allow users to create their own profiles.


A Reddit user who goes by the u/seeareeff handle shared a screenshot of what looks like a settings menu for “Profile” in Messages (which Mishaal Rahman claims ownership of). At the moment, however, not a single component of the feature appears to be functional.

If it makes the cut and goes public, the profile feature can work like in most top messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. As the tipster suggests, you can create a profile using your email address and then upload a profile picture. There may also be a visibility option to select who can see your profile: public, contacts, or just you. When you set privacy to “public”, anyone who sends you a message will be able to see your profile information if you reply to it.

While it’s unclear how this new feature works, the visibility option is an integral part of profile setup on other messaging platforms. In the profile settings menu, you’ll also see toggles to receive notifications whenever there’s a new update to your contacts, probably including a slight change in name or contact number. Below this option is another toggle to receive notifications when new contacts are found.

The profile feature interface is obviously stripped down at the moment, nothing happens when you press a button. The UI menu is said to have been around for a few months, but it hasn’t been implemented yet. Regardless of when it becomes available to the public, adding profiles to posts will add a nice touch of personalization to the app.