Google remixes its Material You take on the YouTube Music icon

Your home screen double take is justified

Do you have an Android device with the Material You theme? Are your playlists a priority? Maybe you noticed something wrong with your home screen last week. You might not have been able to pin it down at first, but if you use YouTube Music for your listening pleasure, we can say it’s a shift that has happened.

An Android Police player sent us screenshots of the YouTube Music home screen icon before and after the change. For non-users, the YouTube Music logo is a circle with cutouts for an inner ring and YouTube’s “play” button. .


: Hamzah

On the left is the older design which features a fairly small logo with a small radius, thick line ring. The new design on the right enlarges the logo plate and reduces the size of the inner ring stroke while keeping its radius relatively intact. The larger size gives the icon better weight compared to most other icons you see completing the line. Again, a small change, but it’s there.

Remember that with Material You, everything is designed by Google, but with custom coloring. You can find out more about what it really is and what goes into its color picking engine with extensive Android Police coverage. Or, if you’re not into that specific type of minimalist business, we have a few icon packs to suggest.

Thanks: Hamzah