Google search has a spooky easter egg for HBO’s The Last of Us –

The Last of Us Easter Egg Google Search


  • You can check out a cool easter egg for The Last of Us on Google Search.
  • Tap the red mushroom at the bottom of the research page to initiate a Parasitic Mushroom Takeover.

HBO’s The Last of Us is having a solid run right now, with two incredible episodes on the doorstep. Google is also having fun with the show’s growing popularity and fandom with a spooky but cool Easter egg in search.

So when you type “The Last of Us” into Google Search on desktop and mobile, you’ll see a red mushroom at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on the fungus will populate your search results with a fungal growth, most likely Cordyceps, the primary cause of parasitic brain infection in humans in The Last of Us video game series.

You can keep tapping on the mushroom to make the page fill up with mushroom. Luckily, there’s an “X” button to get rid of it and keep searching. If you’re a fan, you can also share the Google search easter egg for The Last of Us with your friends via this link which can be copied from the search page itself.