Google Voice is the first app to use Android 13’s new image picker

Last updated: November 7, 2022 at 04:26 UTC+01:00

While Android 13 may not have brought a complete system-wide design overhaul, it definitely introduced some subtle changes, including a new image picker that integrates both local and stored in the cloud. This eliminates the need to provide additional permission to the app for media access on the switcher.

Now, with a recent update, Google Voice has become one of the first apps to get this new Android 13 image picker. This image picker was originally announced with the very first preview of Android 13. Apparently , it also supports older versions of Android, so it’s not exclusive to devices running Android 13. However, apps should be updated to the version that supports them.

New image picker for Google Voice arrives via server-side update


Google claims that with this new switcher, the privacy of users’ photos and videos will increase, as they no longer need to provide permission to view users’ media files. According to 9To5Google, Google Voice is the only app with this new image picker at the moment. The update with the new image picker is coming via a server-side update for Google Voice on Android.

You can view this image picker in the Google Voice app when you tap the gallery icon to send images or videos. There is also a camera icon which will open the native camera app to take pictures. This change was noticed in version 10.03 of the Google Voice app on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, as well as Google Voice v10.17 on a Pixel 7 Pro. For some, the old image picker is still visible, even on the latest version.

If it looks like a server-side update and you don’t see the new image picker, you can check the Play Store and see if there is a new update for Google Voice pending or not.