Google Voice will now warn you about pesky spam callers

What do you want to know

  • The new Google Voice update that warns users of a “suspicious spam caller” is rolling out.
  • Users will see a suspicious number marked with a clear label under its number.
  • A confirmed spam caller will automatically be sent to voicemail with their entry saved to a spam folder.

Google Voice is starting to get another useful tool to weed out pesky callers.

According to Google’s Workspace blog, the Google Voice call screen will soon notify users if the incoming call is from a suspected spam number. Rolling out today, users will soon see “Suspected spam caller” on the call screen under the associated number and in their call history. Additionally, Google is integrating additional tools for users once this rolls out to Voice.

Keep in mind that this option will initially appear on your disabled Google Voice app. To activate it, go to Settings > Security > Filter to turn it on. By doing so, the app will let you know that any calls that Google deems to be spam will automatically be sent to voicemail and saved to the spam folder and not your regular call history.

New warning from Google Voice about suspected spam caller.

(Image credit: Google)

If a suspected spam caller is still ringing your phone, there will be an option to “confirm” Google’s suspicion and force it to go to the aforementioned locations to stop bothering you. However, if a number has been mistakenly marked as spam by Google, you can let them know that it is not spam, which will suppress the display of this marker on your call screen in the future. .