Google will never recover from its Stadia debacle

The nickname “Killed by Google” is deserved, but also exaggerated. Google may have a huge graveyard of services left behind in its 24-year history – my colleagues still mourn Google Reader and Google+ – but it almost always takes the bones of one killed project to start another. Google Wallet became Android Pay, became Google Pay, and became Google Wallet again. The same goes for its messaging apps. Until now, it was the display company for software recycling.

Stadia, despite its resounding failure, is another example: the consumer service will die in early 2023, but the white-label spin-off Immersive Stream for Games will no doubt continue. Google has already sold cloud gaming services to AT&T and Peloton and attempted to sell “Google Stream” to various game publishers like Bungie and Capcom earlier this year. We don’t know if it worked, but chances are Google will make a lot more money from B2B cloud game server rentals than from Stadia Pro subscriptions and 30% cuts in game sales. .