Here are some Pixel phone wallpapers, taken from Pixel phones

Pixel 6 Wallpaper Heroes

Zarif Ali / Android Authority

It’s no secret that Google’s Pixel series has been widely touted as one of the best camera phones out there, so when we were planning to make wallpapers for the Pixel 7 and Pixel series 6, it made sense to have a photo-centric theme. This is Android Authority Pixel series wallpapers shot exclusively on Google Pixel.

Before scrolling through our collection, I’ll give you a little overview. Here has Android Authority, we love our Pixels, and more specifically, we love the camera system that comes with these phones. If you read our past reviews or coverage, you’ll know that Google’s Pixel lineup packs a competitive package with its camera system with neat software features to deliver incredible computer photography.

Since I started Android Authority, all of my item photos were taken on the Pixel 6 Pro. I’ve always considered picking up a dedicated mirrorless camera for my reviews, but my Pixel 6 Pro has always been the hurdle that makes it hard to justify the switch. It really is so good. I think our feature editor sums it up best:

I’m having trouble finding a bad Pixel shot in my gallery.Rita El Khoury

That said, here are some walls for your Pixel!

This collection covers a wide range of photography, including architecture, nature, and long exposures. If you look at the New York taxi or the long exposure of the water shots, these images were captured using the Action Pan and Long Exposure feature. Other photos like Dark Puddles and Freedom Tower are taken using the 4x optical zoom camera found on Pixel 6 Pro. Finally, the offset perspective close-up of the Freedom Tower was taken on the ultra-wide lens.

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To download these wallpapers in their full resolution, follow this Google Drive link to take a look. If you end up using any of these, be sure to tag us on Twitter at @AndroidAuth to let us know how they fit into your home screen.