How to Disable Samsung Pay’s Swipe Up Gesture

Samsung Pay, or Samsung Wallet in specific markets, makes NFC-based mobile payments easy for anyone with a Samsung phone. One of its quick access features lets you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch the app, even from the lock screen. This makes it very easy to access the app without multiple taps or scrolling through the app drawer. However, this can get annoying pretty quickly, especially if you use swipe gestures, as you might accidentally launch the app multiple times. If you’ve encountered this problem, here’s how to turn off Samsung Pay’s swipe feature.

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To turn off Samsung Pay’s swipe feature, open the app, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines icon) in the top left corner, tap the gear icon and go to Quick access and default map. Disable the quick gesture option for all locations (home screen, lock screen, and when the screen is off) to disable the feature.


How to Enable or Disable Samsung Pay’s Swipe Feature

Open the Samsung Pay app, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines icon) in the upper left corner, then tap the gear icon to access Pay Samsung settings.

Go to Quick access and default map. You can enable or disable the swipe gesture on the lock screen, home screen, or when the screen is off. You can enable different options or disable all three to completely disable the feature.

Other Ways to Quickly Launch Samsung Pay

Accidentally launching Samsung Pay with a swipe is annoying. It’s still one of the most convenient ways to make a payment quickly. However, there are a few quick launch options available that won’t interfere with day-to-day activities.

Launch Samsung Pay using the side key

The multifunctional side key (aka the power button) can be configured to launch different apps or perform other functions. By default, a long press will launch the power off menu and a double press will open the camera app. You can set the double tap gesture to launch Samsung Pay instead.

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Side Key and set it Double tap gesture for Pay with Samsung Pay.

Use lock screen shortcuts

If you want the ability to launch Samsung Pay from the lock screen without using the swipe gesture, there is a way to use lock screen shortcuts. Shortcuts are set to Phone and Camera apps by default. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Shortcuts and change the left or right shortcut to Samsung Pay.

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