How to find and change your LinkedIn URL

When promoting yourself online to potential employers, appearance is everything. Something you may not consider important may be more important to others. One of them is the URL. The name you put in this URL says a lot about you, the same way your email address says a lot about you. If you make the URL professional, then it screams professionalism. If you make it fun and not so serious, then people will dismiss you as a lightweight. Here’s how to find and edit your LinkedIn URL to give the page that “hire me now!” ” ultra-serious! to see.

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You can find the LinkedIn URL by logging into your account and clicking on your profile picture on the left side of your feed. The URL that now appears in the browser address bar is your current profile URL. To change the LinkedIn URL, go to your public profile settings page, make sure your profile is public, then enter your desired new username in the space provided.


How to find your LinkedIn URL

Here’s how to find your LinkedIn URL, whether on desktop or the mobile app.

Office LinkedIn

If you’re on the desktop, sign in to your LinkedIn account. On the left side of your News Feed is your profile picture and profile header (if you have one). Click anywhere in this area to go to your LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn feed

In the browser address bar, you will now see your profile URL. If you just set up your page, it will likely be a randomly generated LinkedIn URL with numbers at the end. Your profile will always start with

LinkedIn Profile URL

LinkedIn app (Android and iOS)

In the LinkedIn mobile app, you have to click a little more to find your URL.

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account and tap your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • In the menu that appears, tap See profile.
  • Tap the circle with the three dots.
  • From the menu that now jumps from the bottom, select Contact information.
  • The first thing on the next screen is your clickable profile link.

Find your LinkedIn URL using a QR code

LinkedIn has a very useful, often overlooked feature where you can give someone your LinkedIn profile URL without having to remember it all the time. This is done with a QR code and is only available in the mobile app. It’s really useful if you’re at a work conference and everyone has their phones turned off.

  • Type in the To research bar at the top of the screen. A QR code icon will now appear. Press it.
  • On the next screen, there are two tabs – My code and To analyse. The My code The section contains a QR code with your LinkedIn URL embedded. The other person only has to scan it to be directly redirected to your page. The To analyse The section opens a QR code reader so you can scan someone else’s LinkedIn QR code.

How to change your LinkedIn URL

When you first sign up for a LinkedIn account, you’ll receive a randomly generated username based on your name. You also get a sequence of numbers at the end. So maybe something like markoneill-7834109. It’s not optimal because it’s hard to remember, and secondly, in terms of SEO, it doesn’t do much for you.

So you can change the URL to something a bit more attractive and SEO friendly. It also looks better when passing the URL to potential employers and recruiters.

Office LinkedIn

If you’re changing the URL through the LinkedIn desktop, go to your public profile settings. To get a custom URL, your profile must be set to public. You can verify this by looking at The public visibility of your profile. Make sure it is enabled.

Then at the top you will see Edit your vanity URL. Click the pencil icon.

LinkedIn Office Public Profile Settings

You can now edit your username at the end of the URL. Assuming LinkedIn says the desired URL is available, now you just need to click To saveand you are done.

Linkedin Desktop change profile url

LinkedIn app (Android and iOS)

It’s just as easy on the app to change your LinkedIn URL.

  • Tap your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • To select See profile.
  • Tap the circle with the three dots inside.
  • Select the pencil icon at the top.
  • Tap the blue profile URL link. This will take you out of the app and into the public profile page settings.
  • Choose the pencil icon and enter your new LinkedIn username.


Yes. LinkedIn does not charge for this feature.

According to LinkedIn, you can change your URL five times every six months. However, on a more practical level, you need to choose a URL and stick to it. Otherwise, potential employers may end up with an invalid link. Also, it doesn’t look professional.

LinkedIn does not provide specific guidelines on its site. Of course, anything inappropriate, racist, illegal or sexual will soon be flagged. You should think about how the URL would look to a potential employer and let that guide you. Preferably use your name or a variant of your name. The username must be between 3 and 100 letters or numbers. You cannot use spaces, symbols or special characters.

LinkedIn does not provide this functionality. But you can use another link shortening service such as TinyURL or Bitly. For a more professional look (if you have a WordPress website), use a WordPress short URL plugin such as URL Shortify. At least this way you retain some control over the link.

LinkedIn provides website widgets and you can also insert them into email signatures. These are just two of many examples of sharing.

It actually matters more than many people realize. First, it projects an air of professionalism to potential employers. Second, it makes it easier for you to remember the link. Third, there are SEO benefits if you want to improve your online presence.