How to Hide the Game You’re Playing on Discord

When you log into Discord on your computer and start playing a game, Discord can see what you’re playing and how long you’ve been playing it. Discord may relay this information publicly on your profile unless you actively disable the feature. Let’s see how to disable this feature and hide the game you’re playing on Discord.

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To hide the game you’re playing on Discord, go to User Settings > Activity Privacy. Click it Show current activity as a status message slider to hide your gaming activity.

How to hide your game activity on Discord

Game activity is only displayed if the feature is enabled on PC. Discord doesn’t read your app activity on mobile devices yet, so mobile games won’t show up on your account even if Discord is open on your phone.

Launch the Discord desktop app. Click on the shaped gear User settings icon next to your username at the bottom.

go to discord settings

Curtis Joe/Android Authority

Scroll down the menu on the left until you get to ACTIVITY SETTINGS. To select Confidentiality of activities.

go to privacy activity in discord

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If your gaming activity is showing on your profile, it means Show current activity as a status message is authorized. If the slider is already green, click it to turn it off.

click view game activity discord

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Your game activity will no longer appear on your Discord profile.

your game activity will no longer show discord

Curtis Joe/Android Authority