How to Pair Your Samsung Galaxy Earbuds to Any Device

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, pairing your Galaxy headphones is as easy as opening the case! This is just one of the benefits of being in the Samsung ecosystem. And if you have another type of device, the pairing process doesn’t take too many extra steps either, thanks to the dedicated Galaxy Wearables app. Here’s how to pair your Samsung Galaxy Buds on any device.

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For faster pairing with your Samsung Galaxy Buds, download the Galaxy Wearables app. Next, open the case of your headphones to put them in pairing mode and select Relate within the app.


How to Pair Galaxy Buds with Samsung Phone

On your Samsung Galaxy phone, the Galaxy Wearables app should be pre-installed on your device. It gives you better control and access to more features when connecting headphones, smartwatches and other Samsung products.

When you open the app, it automatically searches for devices to connect to. Open the case of your Galaxy Buds with the earbuds inside to put them into pairing mode. It should only take a second or two for your Samsung phone to pair, then you’ll be connected for audio. From there, you’ll find quick options for noise cancellation, ambient sound, keylock, and other settings that you can explore to tailor your Galaxy Buds experience to your current needs.

After that, just open your headphones case and you’ll get an automatic pairing notification on your phone with quick battery life stats. If you close the case with the headphones still inside, they will be disconnected.

How to Manually Pair Galaxy Buds with Any Android Device

The Galaxy Wearables app is available on other Android devices, but you won’t get full functionality without a Samsung phone. If you just want to pair for basic audio streaming, the quickest way is through the Bluetooth settings. Simply open the lid of your headphones case to put them into pairing mode, then select your Galaxy Bids from the list of available devices.

Bluetooth paired devices

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How to Pair Galaxy Buds with iPhone or iPad

If you’re trying to pair Galaxy Buds with an iPhone or iPad, I have bad news because your option is limited. You will only be able to pair Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ with the Galaxy Buds app for iOS. Newer models will not be recognized. We know it sucks, but that’s Apple’s walled garden for you.

iphone galaxy buds app

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How to Pair Galaxy Buds with Windows PC

Good news! Samsung has made the Galaxy Buds app available on Microsoft Store. Download and open the app, then click Relate while your Galaxy Buds case is open to pair them with your Windows PC.

Galaxy Buds App Windows PC

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How to Pair the Galaxy Buds with a Mac

Unlike the iPhone app, you should be able to pair any set of Galaxy Buds with a Mac computer. Simply go to your Bluetooth settings and open the case of your Galaxy Buds to make them discoverable. You can then find them in the list of available devices.

A screenshot of the macOS Bluetooth settings window.

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Yes, you can pair your Samsung Galaxy Buds to multiple devices. However, you can only use them for audio connected with one device at a time.

No, both headphones will need to be from the same set of Galaxy headphones to work together. If you’ve lost an earbud, try using Samsung’s SmartThings search feature to locate it.