How to Play Pokemon Red on PC and Android

Whether it’s for a nostalgic trip or for gamers who just want to see how old games stack up these days, many Pokemon fans may want to check out the original Pokemon Red and Blue titles for Game Boy. However, with the gameplay methods of these retro games slowly fading away, players are running out of options.

The original Pokemon experience for the Game Boy has been stapled to its library and to Nintendo’s list of profitable franchises. Turning into card game, anime, manga and more, these two titles spearheaded the Pokemon craze of the late 90s and early 2000s. However, new fans have maybe missed.

With the newest way for gamers to access these titles on an official Nintendo console, the Nintendo 3DS Online Store, shutting down for good, many gamers may have to resort to drastic measures. Luckily, with the right hardware, playing one of these beloved retro games can be as easy as installing two files on your device.

Play Pokemon Red on Modern Devices


The mGBA emulator is the program of choice for many retro gaming fans (Image via Vicki Pfau)
The mGBA emulator is the program of choice for many retro gaming fans (Image via Vicki Pfau)

Arguably the simpler of the two devices that will be covered. To play Game Boy games like Pokemon Red on PC, players will need to install two different files: the emulator and the ROM file. However, some caution should be expressed when finding a site to download these prerequisites.

While emulation has been a bit of a taboo subject among the gaming community, it’s easier than ever. Players will need to play their favorite Game Boy games first to install an emulator compatible with the title. Most experienced gamers have their go-to emulators, but most work the same way.

In terms of ROM sites, gamers will need to be careful. Given the nature of the practice of emulation, many sites can be loaded with viruses. Players can be sure that the Pokemon Red file they are installing is legitimate if it is located in a compressed folder containing a GB file.

If the site attempts to install an EXE file on your computer, cancel the installation and move to another site.


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Many emulator gamers find playing retro games like Pokemon Red on their Android phone much easier than on PC. This is because Google Play Store has a wide selection of different emulators that gamers can try until they find the one they like. Most opt ​​for the My Oldboy emulator app.

If gamers don’t find it to their liking, considering the small file sizes of emulator apps, the gamer can install and uninstall it almost instantly, depending on their internet connection. Downloading these emulators from the App Store also eliminates the risk of any of them containing a virus that destroys the device.

Players need to go to their settings to install ROMs such as Pokemon Red to enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” feature. This will allow players to install files from the internet, which will require them to download and play ROM files.

Caution should always be expressed when installing these files from an untrusted ROM site. Again, if they try to install an EXE file rather than a GB file, they cancel the installation or delete it without opening it.