How to pre-register for Warzone Mobile on Android and iOS

If you’re hoping to play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile when it launches, you can pre-register for the game.

Free-to-play battle royale hit Call of Duty Warzone is set to hit mobile devices soon. After months of leaks, speculation and waiting, we are finally close to the release date.

Similar to pre-ordering, gamers can pre-register their interest in mobile games, ensuring they download the game as soon as it becomes available. And sometimes you will get free rewards.

How to pre-register for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Android pre-registration

Players can pre-register for Warzone Mobile by heading to the game’s Google Play store page.

  • Make sure to sign in to your Google Play account.
  • Head over to the Warzone Mobile Google Play Store page.
  • Click on “Pre-registration”.
  • You have successfully pre-registered for Warzone Mobile!
Pre-registration – Android

iOS pre-registration

For those using iOS devices, you’ll need to head over to the Warzone Mobile website and add your email address to pre-register.

  • Head over to the official Warzone Mobile website.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Click Submit to pre-register for Warzone Mobile.
iOS registration is not live yet – We’ll instantly update it here when it is.

The official website will most likely go live after COD Next officially reveals more information regarding Warzone Mobile.

What is pre-registration for Warzone Mobile?

Pre-registration on Android devices can give you early access to Warzone Mobile before it’s released.

Warzone Mobile Android Pre-Registration Early Access Message

It can also ignore wait times that may accompany the official launch.

When Warzone Mobile officially goes live, pre-registered players will receive a notification to install the game. Select devices will begin installing Warzone Mobile as soon as it becomes available.