How to set up and pair the Pixel watch with your Android phone

Setting up the Pixel Watch with an Android phone is not difficult, as long as users follow all the steps correctly. The Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch and will compete with more established devices such as the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch. That said, the Pixel Watch, like the Galaxy Watch, can only be paired with an Android smartphone and does not work with iPhones.

The Pixel Watch comes with all the standard health tracking features, including a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, and ECG, but its standout feature is integration with Fitbit. The Pixel Watch comes in Wi-Fi and LTE versions, but comes in a single 41mm bezel size that makes it suitable for people with smaller wrists. With a starting price of $350, it’s more expensive than the Galaxy Watch 5.


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To pair the Pixel Watch, users will need a phone running Android 8.0 or higher with the Pixel Watch app installed. To get started, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone and turn on the Pixel Watch by pressing the crown for three seconds. Once the Pixel Watch is on, place the watch next to the Android phone and there will be an indication that pairing can begin. If pairing does not start, make sure the Pixel Watch app has been updated to the latest version and Nearby Share is enabled on the Android phone. Open the Pixel Watch app on the phone and follow the onscreen instructions to pair the Pixel Watch. To check if the Pixel Watch is paired with the smartphone, open Settings on the Android device, tap ‘Google,’ ‘Devices and sharing,’ ‘Devices,’ so what ‘Registered devices.’ The Pixel Watch should appear in this list.

Troubleshoot Pixel Watch pairing issues

Then follow the on-screen instructions on the Pixel Watch screen to select a language and agree to the terms of service. In the app, select ‘Google Pixel Watch‘ which will provide pairing codes in the app and on the watch screen. If the codes match, press ‘Pair,’ but if not, restart the watch and try again. Now sign in to a Google account or create a new one. There will be additional prompts to set up LTE, Google Pay, Google Assistant, PIN or password, and download apps on Pixel Watch. Finally, swipe down on the Pixel Watch screen and open Settings, tap ‘System‘ so what ‘System updates‘ to check for smartwatch updates and download them. When the Pixel Watch is successfully paired with a smartphone, ‘Related‘ will show up in the app.

If there are any issues with the setup, Google recommends a few things to try. First, make sure the Pixel Watch battery is fully charged and Bluetooth and location services have been enabled on the Android device. Next, check if the phone and Pixel Watch are within pairing range (less than 1.6 feet). Finally, confirm that the Android phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. After successfully pairing the Pixel Watchusers can proceed with Fitbit setup and customize watch faces and complications.

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Source: Google