How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS

As much as the world loves the Android vs. iOS wars when it comes to switching from one to the other, it’s usually a wreck. The moment you switch gadgets, it is fundamental to ensure that your contacts, photos, and other documents are from your current gadget to the new gadget that you have recently purchased. It is also important to ensure that your Whatsapp messages Android to iPhone are moved correctly. In this article, we will help you in some ways to move WhatsApp visits from Android to iOS.

Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone [2022]

Source: Wondershare

Tragically, WhatsApp offers no authoritative strategy to easily move information starting with one gadget and then onto the next unless both gadgets use a similar step. In any case, the most renowned texting apps, like WhatsApp, cannot relocate information, including visits and media, when switching from Android to iOS as well as vice versa.

WhatsApp is not suitable for moving conversation information between frameworks due to the way reinforcement works in iOS and Android. WhatsApp on Android uses Google Drive to back up its information, however, on iOS it uses iCloud to back up information. This makes it difficult to match WhatsApp information between Android and iOS. Again, Wire backs up information to the cloud, making multi-gadget connection and adjustment to frameworks a breeze.

Although WhatsApp Android to iPhone process is a basic cycle, you may need to follow the manual to move WhatsApp information from Android to iOS effectively. You may try and need to put some bucks to complete this as neither WhatsApp, Android or iOS allow you to do this locally.

Move WhatsApp Information from Android to iOS

This is how you can move your WhatsApp visits from Android to iOS. There are different strategies here and depending on your choice, try to follow the help totally to move your WhatsApp chats effectively.

Move WhatsApp Android to iPhone using AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a swap and boost device that allows you to quickly move WhatsApp messages from Android WhatsApp to iPhone. You can follow the below ways to move your messages
1: Download AnyTrans on your PC and then pair your Android and iPhone with PC via USB links; you need to press the “Social Messages Supervisor” mode
2: Click on the “WhatsApp to gadget” choice, then press the Exchange now choice to continue
3: You can choose your Android as the source phone and your iPhone as the target phone, then click the following button to move WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone from your old Android phone
4: You must follow the pop-up instructions displayed on the AnyTrans device to proceed. Simply click Next on the screen which shows Steps 1-4 composed on the screen. Be sure to follow each of the ways referenced on the screen. This large number of steps basically reinforces your WhatsApp visits and then introduces a modified version of WhatsApp to separate conversation reinforcement and move it to your iPhone.
Step 5: You need to log into your WhatsApp on your Android phone; if you haven’t, press the Redo button and then click Next in AnyTrans
Step 6: AnyTrans will start exchanging your WhatsApp information to iPhone
Also, once this interaction is complete, each of your chats will move from your Android gadget to your iPhone.