In fact, the PS VR2 is not too expensive

This week we learned that the PS VR2 will be priced at $550 before pre-orders open on November 15th and a February 2023 release date. Considering that you can buy a PS5 for $400 to $500 and the The original PSVR costs $400, many analysts – including my colleague and fellow VR Nick Sutrich – note that the PS VR2 is too expensive to encourage high sales and developer take-up.

I can certainly see merit in these arguments. Meta sold 15 million Quest 2 headsets as it launched at $300 and did not require a computer or console to power it; once Meta raised the price by $100, console sales plummeted, according to Meta’s latest earnings report. But current Quest owners have taken their saved money and invested it in the Quest Store, where more than 400 games have grossed over $1 million.