Into the Radius Preview: A Wacky But Atmospheric Survival Shooter

Let’s put that aside right off the bat: yes, Into the Radius is STALKER in VR. There is simply no getting around the comparison. You venture to investigate anomalies in dilapidated environments, discover artifacts that provide gameplay upgrades, and collect your supplies.

STALKER’s influence is undeniable, right down to his look. There are also nuances of Death Stranding and Arkane Studios’ excellent 2017 reboot of Prey – the latter is particularly noticeable, as its iconic Mimic enemies are directly replicated in design and movement.

Does this make Into the Radius derivative and not original? Not really! It’s obviously an amalgamation of other well-known games, but its main loop is engaging and the overall vibe is just plain tense and unnerving. There’s definitely a familiarity to having played a game like this before. However, being inside the game via virtual reality makes the gameplay feel fresh.

Shoot an enemy with a pistol in Into the Radius

(Image credit: CM Games)

Into the Radius uses mission-based progression that requires you to complete various objectives, such as making deliveries or photographing certain enemies. Progress enough to unlock the next story mission, and you’ll unlock new weapons and gadgets to redeem at your base. This structure works in its favor more than a linear narrative would because it makes the journey feel a bit more personal.