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How did Apple make its existence in the global smartphone market?

Apple Inc, a company that was established on April 1, 1976, and forayed into the world of smartphone manufacturing in 2007. The very first iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007, when Steves Jobs introduced a device with a touchscreen that could be manipulated with one hand by a single button when qwerty keyboards were making waves from BlackBerry to other smartphone gamers around the world who were trying to make the most of the smartphone industry.

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Indian Television - Steve Jobs

Image source: INDIA TVSteve Jobs

Steve introduced the first iPhone with a huge screen (3.5 inches), no keyboard but only one button to use, a full touch screen with multi-touch functionality, and was certainly presented as an evolutionary handset in the market. The first iPhone with 4GB RAM was launched at USD 499 which is around Rs 40,000 in India. And the 8GB RAM variant is priced at USD 599, which is around Rs 48,000 in Indian currency.

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Since then, until today, the company launches its smartphones every year with great enthusiasm. Indeed, the brand has created a face value and when we talk about quality, the brand works specifically on the uniqueness of its product. From a marketing perspective, the tech giant has worked very hard to become a tech giant. As Simon Sinek said in his video titled “golden circle”, he further explains that people buy based on what the seller is selling, how the seller is selling, and why is he selling-therefore, Intent plays a very important role when we talk about business strategy, and Apple actually does it justice.

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Indian Television - Steve Jobs

Image source: INDIA TVSteve Jobs

Today marks 15 years since the company launched its first iPhone. Since then, Apple has been working hard to improve the smartphone experience every year, all thanks to its R&D team who are constantly working to develop high-end technologies for people around the world.

Indian Television - Steve Jobs

Image source: INDIA TVSteve Jobs

How did the iPhone make technology more premium?

Apple made a revolution in 2007, removing a physical keyboard from a smartphone. When Jobs touted the device as “an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator” all in one smartphone, the iPhone then shaped the future of smartphone technology globally. It has indeed set a standard for the premium smartphone category all over the world.

Indian Television - Steve Jobs

Image source: INDIA TVSteve Jobs

Today, even after the founder’s passing, the iPhone stands tall in the most premium class of smartphones. But with cutting-edge technology comes a great price – and Apple is striving to maintain the premium smartphone category to make its iPhone series stand out from the crowd. Recently, Apple launched the latest iPhone 14 series globally, which is available at a starting price of Rs 79,990 and above. So if you’re ready to buy an iPhone, you must have the resources to afford one!

Why are Android phones cheaper than iPhones?

Android and iOS are the two most important operating systems in the world today. The market is dominated by these two operating systems, but previously it was Windows, Blackberry and Java operating systems that helped the smartphone to perform the daily task without any hindrance, but which have disappeared at present .

Today, these two operating systems – Android and iOS are at the forefront of the smartphone world, and there are users still debating and comparing the two devices – trying to justify which performs better.

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But there is something else that people always talk about: the PRICE of Android phone and iOS smartphones.

Android devices are cheaper than iPhones and I am positive that you must have counted the devices to know the similarities and differentiating factors.

Android is mostly cheaper than an iPhone. Indeed, Android holds nearly 85% of the smartphone market share globally, while iOS holds 15% of the market share.

Which operating system is better – Android-iOS?

This is a huge moot point when we start comparing the two operating systems. Android is a Linux-based operating system and is partly a readily available open-source platform – this is one of the reasons why the majority of smartphones on the market are dominated by Android.

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Image source: INDIA TVApple versus Android

On the other hand, iOS has design elements that are considered a more user-friendly operating system and are exclusively available for Apple devices – so it lacks the open source capabilities and is therefore not available for the masses. Moreover, when we talk about safety and security, iOS platform is considered to be more secure than Android platforms.

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One should choose a handset that suits one’s pocket, usage and purpose. If you have a budget above Rs 80,000 and are looking for a style statement as well as database security, then iOS will be a good deal.

But if we talk about India, our nation is mostly dominated by mid-segment people who surely dream of getting an iPhone but stop because of the price of high-end smartphone. This gives the customer no choice but to choose the Android devices that fit the respective budget.

Android dominates the market

Android smartphones largely dominate the global market, and a number of players manufacture smartphones with a Google-based operating system. Brands like Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, POCO and many more offer devices with all the services a person needs.

Indian TV - Motorola E7 Power

Image source: MOTOROLA Power Motorola E7

From the long battery life to the excellent camera, fast processor and enough space to store everything the user has to offer, Android has more options depending on budget, features and of availability. Unfortunately, Apple, on the other hand, releases a set of smartphones once a year and loyal iOS device customers will have to wait another 12 months to get their hands on the latest variant. But that’s not the case with Android smartphones – as technology continues to evolve every month – and companies keep upgrading and releasing new variants every few months based on market demand.

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Hence, Android smartphone has more accessibility, affordability and features which are almost similar to iOS. But people who use iOS believe and feel that iPhone’s processor power and its performance are unmatched, therefore, they are willing to pay upwards of Rs 80,000 – Rs 95,000 to own an iPhone rather than going on Android devices, which might come with more powerful battery, excellent processor and maybe flexibility (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Oppo Find N, Moto Razr 5G-2020, Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, TCL Trifold, etc.).

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