Khadas VIM1S (Amlogic S905Y4) SBC Review with Android 11

Khadas VIM1S Android 11 review

We previously tested Ubuntu 22.04 on Khadas VIM1S Amlogic S905Y4 SBC, so we will upgrade to Android 11 in Part 2 to check user experience and compare system on Android.

Installing Android 11 on Khadas VIM1S board with OOWOW

We will basically follow the same procedure as with Ubuntu to flash the Android operating system. Press and hold the Function button, press the Reset button and release the Function button. to access the OOWOW wizard, and if an Ethernet cable is not connected, select Network to configure Wi-Fi as the installation process requires downloading an image from the Khadas servers. This time we will select the latest Android 11 image vim1s-android-11-v221020.raw.img.xz

Picture of Khadas OOWOW Android 11 VIM1S

With a size of only 525 MB (when compressed), the Android 11 image for the Khadas VIM1S board is quite compact.

Picture OOWOW Android 11

Installing Android with OOWOW is really easy with the interface of downloading and flashing the image to the eMMC flash without having to prepare a MicroSD card or play with USB flashing tools. Once the installation is complete, we can restart the card to access Android.

Android 11 Settings

Most of the settings are pretty standard, but Khadas has also added some specific settings to their maps. For example, it is possible to adjust the screen rotation or adjust the density in the Display & Sound section. The behavior of the power key can also be specified by the user by selecting suspend, shut down or restart.

Khadas Parameters

Another option includes scheduled power on and off where it is possible to set on and off times, as well as set specific days of the week. This feature is especially useful for kiosks or digital signage. We can also find more details about Android version, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc. in the About the device section.

Khadas VIM1S about the device

General use testing

We then tested typical use cases considering that the Khadas VIM1S card comes with 2GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, a Mali-G31 GPU, and support for AV1, VP9, ​​and H.265 video decoding. So we plated 4K Youtube videos as well as H.264 and H.265 files at 4K resolution with AMPlayer with the card connected to a 2K display.

YouTube video playback Khadas VIM1S
Youtube video
Video AMplayer H.264
4K H.264 video in AMPlayer
AMplayer H.265 4K video
2K H.264 video in AMPlayer

We then installed Asphalt 9 to test a 3D game, and there were some stuttering issues while playing, but it could still be considered playable.

Asphalt 9 Android 11 Khadas VIM1S

Android 11 System Information and Benchmarks on Khadas VIM1S

Before comparing Khadas VIM1S board, CPU-Z was installed to check system information including CPU, RAM and eMMC flash size with about 10GB free space after OS installation .

Khadas VIM1S (kvim1s) CPU Z

3D graphics performance was tested through the 3DMark Android Benchmark program using both OpenGLES 3.0 and Vulkan. Scores for Sling Shot and Wild Life were quite low compared to a high-end card such as the Khadas VIM4.

Benchmarks Khadas VIM1S 3DmarkFinally, we tested the overall system performance with the Passmark PerformanceTest 10 program. The score was 520, which compares to 2553 points on Khadas VIM2 and 2747 points on Khadas VIM4, in other words, Khadas VIM1S is about 5 times slower than the Khadas VIM2 on this specific benchmark.

PassMark 10 performance test on Khadas VIM1S
PassMark 10 Performance Test


Android 11 is stable on the Khadas VIM1S board and can be considered usable to some degree. The performance is quite low, up to 5 times slower compared to VIM4, but on the other hand, the price is also only a third of the high-end card, so it will depend on your case. use. The Khadas VIM1S performs well when playing videos and can be a great fit for digital signage and kiosk applications. Other advantages are its slim profile and low power consumption which may make it suitable for some robotics projects.

I would like to thank Khadas for sending the SBC VIM1S for review. The board can be purchased from the Khadas online store for $64.90.

CNXSoft: This article has been translated (with some edits) from the original Thai review on CNX Software Thailand.