Latest Phone to PC Screen Mirroring Tool Scrcpy Update Adds Support for Android 13 with Transparent Copy and Paste

Controlling your phone from a computer just got easier

Scrcpy fans have good news today, as the makers of the popular Android screen mirroring utility are now rolling out version 1.25 of the app. This release mostly focuses on minor improvements and fixes, but there are a few notable changes, especially if you’re using Android 13.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tool, scrcpy (short for “screenshot”) comes with two components. One is a server app that is pushed to the target Android device, while the other is a client for the PC that communicates with the server counterpart through an ADB tunnel. Apart from being a free solution, scrcpy is also open source and highly customizable, making it one of the best remote screen mirroring tools.

The main feature of the v1.25 update is that scrcpy is now fully compatible with Android 13, including copy-paste support. While previous versions of scrcpy could mirror the screen of a device running Android 13, pasting anything from the host’s clipboard to the Android device (or vice-versa) resulted in a crash. Now that the server module complies with the attribution tag in Android’s clipboard manager, there is no such error when accessing the clipboard.

Another UI-related improvement is the use of high-precision scrolling. If the host PC supports higher levels of scroll precision for mouse wheel movement, scrcpy will automatically use it for smoother scrolling.

There are many small improvements and changes in scrcpy v1.25, and you can find them all below.

You can explore and contribute to the scrcpy repository on GitHub as well as download the precompiled versions. If you have already installed the application through a package manager, check for updates in it to get the latest version.

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